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Expanding Storage Shelf

Expanding Storage Shelf

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Expandable Storage Shelf for Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry or Closet Space. Snaps together with no tools required. Simple to assemble and install, just snap in place and adjust to the size of your cupboard. Perfect for plates, dishes, cups, bowls, under sink supplies and more.

Sturdy steel construction with non-slip feel. Whether organizing a snack cabinet, cooking gadgets and materials, bathroom toiletries or more these shelves will stay in place and hold a 40 lb load

40 pound shelving for maximum storage and organization. Handles heavy loads of dishware, china, packaged food, cooking or baking supplies and equipment and much more to keep your space tidy.

Completely adjustable to work even with custom cabinets. Height of shelves adjusts from 3.7 to 8.3 inches between each layer and easily stack to maximize storage surface area in your home or kitchen perfect to help organize your space. 

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