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Brite-Nite™ WR600 LED Spotlight

Brite-Nite™ WR600 LED Spotlight

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600-Lumens bright with FL1 Standard rated IP68 waterproof.

Brite-Nite WR600 LED Spotlight
Our Brite-Nite WR600 LED Spotlight is the epitome of lighting perfection. Taking the decades of lighting knowledge we’ve acquired, we took our very best and put it into this spotlight; a waterproof IP68 rating, rechargeable li-ion battery, a blinding 600 lumen LED emitter, and an adjustable stand, this is a durable and bright LED spotlight that fits all of your lighting needs. Illuminate the night with the Brite-Nite WR600 LED Spotlight.

IP68 Rated Waterproof
Ready for whatever Mother-Nature has to offer, the WR600 LED Spotlight has an ANSI FL1 IP rating of 68; it is dust proof and can be immersed in water for extended periods without damage. In other words, it can take on nature’s worst.

Extremely Bright Light
Throwing a tight beam of light up to 810 feet with a good amount of spill, the smooth and focused reflector gives you the punch you need for long range work without sacrificing your peripheral vision.

Versatile Design
Featuring a bright and rugged ABS body with a shock-absorbing lens hood, the WR600 LED Spotlight is able to be located easily and can withstand the bumps of daily use. With the 7 position hanging stand, the light can be angled to illuminate your workspace.

Use it Anywhere
Suitable for camping, emergencies, road-side repairs, and nearly any other adventure, the WR600 will become your go-to light.
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