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Light - LitezAll LED Flashlight with Screwdrivers

Light - LitezAll LED Flashlight with Screwdrivers

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Two of the most searched for items in your home or toolbox are flashlights and screwdrivers. LitezAll has combined both into one great product. Now you have access to 8 different screwdrivers plus a bright front facing LED flashlight and a rear focused flashlight. The screwdrivers all fold conveniently into the flashlight and securely lock into place. To use a screwdriver, select the type and size and simply fold it down, and lock it into place. Fold it back into place when finished. Perfect for any toolbox or vehicle glove box. See the video for complete details.

*  Features 6 Fold-Out Screwdrivers Plus 2 Micro Screwdrivers 
 *  Built-in, Ultra Bright LED Beam and Rear Facing Focused Beam 
 *  Durable Construction 
 *  Compact & Portable 
 *  Ideal for Repair Projects & Emergencies 
 *  3 x AAA Batteries 
 *  Measures 5.5"L x 1.75" Diameter 

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