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Light - LitezAll Task Light with UV Flashlight

Light - LitezAll Task Light with UV Flashlight

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A feature packed all-in-one 400 lumen side mounted task light / work light with a top mounted UV flashlight. The side light also features a red flashing mode for roadside emergencies or visibility while walking.

* 4 Light Modes: High and Low Flood Light, Red Flashing Flood Light and UV Flashlight 
 * Helps Detect Pet Stains and Other Organic Fluids 
 * Great for Detecting Automotive Fluid Leaks 
 * Reveals Bed Bugs and Scorpions 
 * UV Wavelength is 395-400nm 
 * Strong Magnetic Base Holds the Light in Any Orientation 
 * Metal Clip Details Hanging Holes and Slots and Also Accommodates Thick Clothing and Outerwear 
 * Measures 7.75"L x 1.2"W x 1"D 
 * Powered by 3 AA Batteries (Included) 

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